1What are the payment options?
The payment is made entirely by consignment. If you want any payment facility, get in contact us. We have also enabled the online payment system for credit and / or debit cards for ease of purchase.
2How could I adapt a medical history to my needs?
The program is fully customizable, can be adapted to any need, just tell us what you need and in a few days will be adapted.
3I already have software with information. How can I keep it?
It is possible to do data migration in most cases, we have not yet had the case that we have not been able to do so, let us evaluate the software and we will let you know, if it is possible to do the migration. The migration value is $ 120 USD. If it is not possible, you can have your old software as a query while Vademed is feeding with fresh information and will immediately give you results.
4Can I test the software before any purchase?
Of course, you can activate a trial license for 30 days. Contact us through our online chat to get your free trial at any time.
5What benefits do I get with vademed?
  • It is easy, fast and has the best price / performance ratio of all other Software outhere.
  • Vademed A complete, automated program that is simple to use. It does not require overtime on your learning curve like other forms-based software.
  • It only takes between 1 and 2 minutes to generate a complete medical history and compliance, which is reflected more time you are going to be able to spend with your patient.
  • The generation of invoices and rips for health companies it is just a matter of one click where it says "Generate invoice" and "Generate rips", and thats it. Vademed Generated all the content.
  • Vademed complies with all the regulations of the Colombian law that regulates the electronic clinical history and the data protection of your patients.
  • It is a web platform based on the cloud. Giving you flexibility to access your patients information from any computer.
  • Your information is automatically saved as it is entered in Vademed. So if there is any failure in your internet connection all your work will be safe.
  • Customer service and personalized support, instantly through our live chat. Also our team will call you if needed in order to answer to all your question.
6What if your company is not in my city? how will you provide me support? Also, I do not understand much about software, internet or things like that.
If you have an internet connection, you will have us by your side at any time; Vademed is a system with an intuitive and simple design which requires little training. Additionally we can get it contact by:

  • Landline or cellphone
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Remote desktop support

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