Vademed is the simple, agile and efficient software that organizes the clinical history, schedule, billing and automated monitoring of your patients inside and outside your doctor’s office.

easy and practical management in your doctor´s office


Vademed´s features

Appointment scheduling

Schedule will allow the doctor and his assitant to control appointments by one click including all the details needed for further patient assistance, besides the possibility to write down and manage notes on it. Schedule allows to navigate on the time, to program future appointments or review old ones.

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Medical records

Easily set new consultations, insert reason of consultation, background, physical exam, diagnosis (CIE-10), treatments and lab results; attach pictures, videos and files related with the medical record of your patient. Automated integration with billing and rips. Have your list of drugs by hand and prescribe them by printing the formulary. Prescription will appear in a personalized version with institution name, doctor´s name and signature in a half letter sheet format. Compatible with any type of printer and sheet size.
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Billings and Rips

Get the list of companies which your services are provided and total of accounts receivable. When consultations and procedures are created, bills will be issued simultaneusly and will be available when you need them. Easily expedite reports from your bills, review them and modify them if necessary.

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Keep in touch with your patients, Vademed will send reminders of their appointments by email, birthday Greetings, treatment updates, plans and all you may want to comunicate in order to maintian the loyalty of your patients.

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Our system is safe

- Amazon Secure Health Service servers
- Fulfilling of HIPAA protocols
- 256 bit encryption

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It is time to move from the paper to computer.

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